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Panduan membeli Kereta Terpakai

Tips Membeli kereta terpakai in Malaysia

Make a financial plan and stick to it. The financial plan should factor in the price of insurance, fuel, MOT, road tax and servicing.

You need to judge what you will be using it for transporting kids, pets, driving long distances often or for free time use. Once you know what you are going to use it for, deciding on the make and model would become easier.

Decide how you are going to pay for the car an individual loan is one choice for this type of buy. It may be best to figure out the economics before going any additional distance, else you may be forced to change your financial plan.

Shop around browse the Internet to get suggestions of the types of car and what the existing prices are. Visit car websites like UnoCarDealers that focus on used car sales. There are in addition certified used car dealers who offer more privileges and safeguards than with buying confidentially. Take a look around a selection of these and be prepared to face hardsell tactics!

Inspect cars in bright light faults may get hidden in dim light. Taking along a friend (preferably a mechanic), may be a good idea. They may notice what you ignore.

Inspect the car at the sellers house rather than letting them drive it to you. You get an idea where the car is coming from.

Verify all the papers carefully this could save you any future headaches. Inspect in the log book (V5) and ensure the name matches that of the seller (for private sales). Make sure to get the service history and records, MOT certificate (for vehicles over 3yrs old) and receipts for repairs or maintenance.

Make sure all the dates add up/make sense.

Organize an independent inspection this often pays for itself as it can raise any potentially serious or costly problems. The RAC and Green Flag offer these, as do many other motoring organizations.

Get an HPI check this is very valuable as it identifies any stolen, written off or cloned vehicles.

Get a test drive this should be at least 20 minutes over a selection of dissimilar roads (highways, and city roads). It allows you to make a decision if the car is comfortable and whether it grips well. Pay attention to any bumps, rattles or squeaks that could indicate trouble.

Be prepared to bargain, and do not buy instantaneously. It is worth mentioning that you have been looking around and are conscious of cost.

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